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Re: VMs: A very important discovery!!

27/09/2004 5:21:02 PM, Jose Rodriguez <josers_1982@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Let suppose that first gallow is the key to de/code
>all the paragraph  (by means of tables, or other
>similar methods).

Grant it. Call "paragraph" the text between two successive
gallows. So we have k-paragraphs (introduced by a k-gallows)
and so on. 

I expect the frequency distribution of the letters in
k-paragraphs to be quite different from that of letters
in t-paragraphs, itself different from the remaining
paragraph types. That does not appear to be the case.

So, we are left with:

1. showing that it IS the case

   or,  if it is not:

2. showing how, by tables or similar methods,
   the cipher text keeps the same frequency distribution
   from paragraph to paragraph.

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