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Re: Re: VMs: A very important discovery!!

Hello Koontz John E,

>Of course, if you do take Ridderstad's approach it would be very likely
>that the beginning of each encription task would begin with a gallows
>(possibly preceded by a row selector).  But in that case the existence of
>even a few unaccounted for exceptions would suggest some sort of
>coincidence and tend to demolish the theory.

There are the sections in the VM, where the SAME gallows follow each other - in the same paragraph and with the other characters in between but without different gallows in between. What would be the need for that (one gallows would normally do)? Or maybe the particular gallows modify say only  the following character?

Second point: what about split gallows?  Here maybe perfectly reasonable function:  they may "modify" only the text  in between the vertical "beams".

The Ridderstad's approach is truly the novel idea. We already noticed the gallows might  have different function  than  to represent just  the characters - so here is the one option.


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