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Re: VMs: A very important discovery!!

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Jose Rodriguez wrote:
>    This last Saturday I was comparing different texts
> to the VMS. By chance, I was investigating the
> functions of a text editor called Editplus®_v2.11. I
> found a function that would sort the text by the fist
> word of each line.

What bothers me about suggestions that gallows characters (EVA tkpf) in
certain positions in a line or on a page mark key sequences, is that
actually gallows characters seem to be fairly well distributed within
lines and pages.  I think it's true that they are a bit more common nearer
the front of a word, wherever that word occurs, but that's about it, as
far as I can see.  Ridderstad takes a slightly different position by
simply saying that wherever they occur they select a coding table till the
next one appears, so that it doesn't matter to her where they occur.

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