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Re: VMs: Demons, Daimones, Daemones...


 From: Pamela Richards <spirlhelix@xxxxxxxxx>
 Hi, Nick!
 The agathos daemon is a teaching of Plato.  The
 Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth, from the Nag
 Hammadi Library, dated to the fourth century AD, also
 discusses the belief that the stars produce spirits
 which inhabit and accompany humans in this life.  In
 fact, the belief in spirits of stars guiding humans
 predates Plato and can be found as early as Persian
 I smiled when I read your post.  I have been
 presenting materials derived from source documents. 
 With more research, I can go older and older.  How old
 do my sources need to be to satisfy you?  ...


FWIW: ES (spirit) said repeatily "IT'S OLDER THAN YOU THINK!"

steve (weird - eh?) ekwall

P.S. and that the "stars" (with a dot) are succesfull MALE Births

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