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Re: VMs: Demons, Daimones, Daemones...

On Tue, 21 Sep 2004, Nick Pelling wrote:
> 	...; for
> 	Apuleius, /daemones/ were rational beings whose natural sphere
> 	was the sublunary air, just as gods and humans are rational
> 	beings residing in the ether and on earth respectively. They
> 	are not naturally evil, but may be either good or evil". (p.154)

This view underlies the use of the term daemon for a program operating a
service on a Unix or Linux system.  And, since betrayals by poorly
implemented or designed daemons or normal access via ill-chosen selections
of daemonic services are a major source of security problems for Unix
systems, elements of the Christian conception apply as well.  Plus ca
change, plus ca meme chose.

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