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VMs: How to Own a Great Kitten

Hi, Nick!

The Kitten's Condition:

The kitten is black all over with a tiny star on his
forehead.  He squeaks at me and runs and leaps onto my
shoulder when I am cooking.  He likes to cuddle up
under my chin when I'm asleep and purrs really loud. 
He's not afraid of anything except a racoon we saw
tonight that's about half the size of a small bear. 
The bottoms of his paws look like little blackberries.

The Kitten Conditions:

Nick, this amazing kitten can be yours if:

1)  The person who says Ficino originated "modern
psychologial" astrology is a practicing astrologer.


2)  Ficino used asteroids, planets Neptune, Uranus, 
Pluto, midpoints, Jungian references, etc. in his
works on astrology.


3) You can name a succession of Ficino's followers in
the practice of "psychological astrology" from
1700-1900 AD, prior to the re-invention of astrology.

What a deal!  Don't miss out. . .smile. 


"I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing, than to teach ten thousand stars how not to dance."

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