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Re: VMs: How to Own a Great Kitten


Enough already! Leave the poor kitten be! 

I'll hold the kitten here (if loser sends UPS .. ughh) 
and let's get back to the buy a pizza!

I've 5 now 4 cats (sigh) but your ~JuGgeLiNg~ of this cat is I'm sure 
without his permission... (assuming it's a boy cat, as pam says it 
snuggles her under the chin (smiles).. boy's are like that! :-o

 take care BOTH 

the ~spirits~ of the VMS, (the guardian spirits of all listers) are 
watching now! :-)

steve (appears the time is ~blooming~ now (ES No Rush)) ekwall :-)

p.s. Nick a lady that bets her 'rasberry.pawed' cat may need 
additional _pause_ :-)

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