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Re: VMs: A very important discovery!!

Hi Rene!

Sorry if I haven't answered before

--- Rene Zandbergen <r_zandbergen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

> [...]
> Since you sorted all lines alphabetically, we
> get a strange snapshot of the 'development'
> of the vocabulary. Now it is known that the lines
> starting with the three gallows letters you indicate
> are usually the first lines of paragraphs. And it is
> also known that these are the lines where almost
> all words containing an Eva-p or Eva-f occur.
> Thus, in this case the sudden appearance of
> too many new words is explained.
> [...]

With reference to this point, I have updated my
result's page, and now I have put a new graphic, which
I called: "Extract sorted of VMS without the first
word beginning with f, k or p (EVA modified), with
marks in the sections which begin with gallows". As
its name says, I have eliminated of the sorted VMS the
first word that begin whit Eva-p, Eva-f (and Eva-k). 

And the peaks are again (the fact is that the peaks
are smaller, but the reason is because I have
eliminated the words that begin with p and f gallows
as you say).

> [...]
> It is definitely worth taking a closer look at
> which are these 'new' words.
> Some important questions are:
> 1) Which source text did you use? The whole MS
>    including all labels and circular texts etc, or
>    a subset?
> [...]

Tomorrow I will try to update my web page with new
results, because I have realized that the extract
(summary) of the VMS that I use have some pages which
are part of Herbal-B. I will analyse only the part of
Herbal-A and tomorrow I will put these results.

I use an extract of the transcription by Takeshi
Takahashi that has been a few modified by me: I have
changed some characters or associations of characters
as: cth -> z; cfh -> b; cph -> v; ckh -> u; ch -> h;
ii -> n; iii-> x; n -> g; and ee -> j; 

> 2) Can you find back the lines starting with
>    f, k and p where the increase is observed ?
> (As indicated above, these are expected to
> be paragraph start lines).
> [...]

Yes, tomorrow I will try to put these results. 

> I would also wonder whether the corpus of
> words (I should say: tokens) that include an
> Eva-f or Eva-p actually follow Zipf's law or not.
> (I would exclude in this corpus the big paragraph
> start markers).
> [...]

I understand that you are talking about if excluding
the first word or token of any line the results are
the same, not? I believe that the new graph that I
have put in my web page responds your question:

Nothing more, If I take to answer you it's because
it's a quite difficult to me write in English (this is
the reason of my many spelling mistakes :P), but I
will try to answer at everybody ;) 

Regards, Jose.

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