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Re: VMs: Modern Astrology vs. Traditional Astrology

Zitat von Pamela Richards <spirlhelix@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi, Elmar
> I think it's difficult for one person's lack of
> comprehension of a subject to speak for the abilities
> and interests of all, don't you?


I assumed to have an average understanding of astrology. But then, perhaps I 
fell into the common trap of assuming that what is of interest to me is of 
interest to others, and overestimated my skills?

> For example, my own lack of expertise in cryptology
> ought hardly to dictate the technical limits of posts
> on the subject. . . no?

Yes and no. As long as it's on topic. For example, it's fine with me to discuss 
statistical material and findings on the VM. Yet I'd prefer to see discussions 
of the details of the Enigma machine, which appears to be only marginally 
relevant to the VM, in private mails. Purely personal opinions, of course.

> Warmly as ever,
> Pam

   Elmar, sometimes hot, sometimes cool

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