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Re: Re: VMs: Modern Astrology vs. Traditional Astrology

28/09/2004 7:39:23 AM, Pamela Richards <spirlhelix@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>To recap (at least from my point of view, not to
>presume to speak for Nick):

>Indeed that "very little of modern astrology would be
>incorporated in the manuscript that  is at  least 400
>years old" was the question that Nick and I have been
>hashing out.  The document I have referenced, De Vita
>Coelitus Comparandum, written by Marsilio Ficino, was
>published in 1480.  The question is whether astrology
>practiced and published 514 years ago can be
>considered "too modern" to bear on the VMs.

Once upon a time I was interested in astrology.
Probably partly the influence of Donald Laycock
("The Complete Enochian Enochian Dictionary")
who was into anything occult or just plain "weird"
(like glossolalia and, yes, the Voynich Manuscript--
he is the one who introduced me to it).

So much so that the word got around and that 
a colleague, Gehan Wijeyewardene (who was into
Thai history), came to me with a nice problem:
"Here is the natal horoscope of someone. Can you
tell me when he was born?"

I digressed. Anyway, I went through the wealth of
books we had in the Menzies Library, and found one
about the history of astrology, Roman astrology

Nothing to do with modern astrology. Oh, yes planets.
But no houses, aspects, and so on. Instead, a 
completely different system, which I couldn't hope
to even start describing here. My memories are 30-years
old, and I would have to draw a lot of diagrams to
explain the notions.

BTW, I have been toying with testing Michel Gauquelin's
famous "Mars effect". Now that my nightmarish article
on the rongorongo script is at long painful last 
finished, I might tackle it seriously.

BTW again, do any of you use J, the computer language?
(downloadable from http://www.jsoftware.com)

If you do I have a very few easy questions the answers
to which I could not find in the copious help files.

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