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VMs: Re: Jung and Modern/Traditional Astrology?

If an astrologer gets to the point of becoming able to "read" one of those
charts present in Voynich Manuscript, she (Pamela) or he (Nick?) would give
the scholars understandable correlations of the writing system.
It is the first time we have an active and competent traditional astrologer
in this list. We should thank Pamela and Nick and others for the food for
thoughts arised here.

Osmar Jardim
a student of horary astrology

From: "CWLee" <cwlee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> While probably "interesting" to some on the list, I find
> this discussion about Jung and various astrological
> approaches harder and harder to connect to the Voynich
> Manuscript (VM), and to potential methods to solve it.

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