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VMs: provable?

Title: RE: whopping great chains (=63!!!)
Consider two documents.   They are both created by piecing together 'chunks'
selected from a small underlying text.    In one case it is an English document
and the chunks are English words taken from an English dictionary.  In the other
case the chunks are selected randomly with a window moving over some 
master page.   In the first case the choice of selection is dictated by an intended
meaning, and in the second it is random.   But how do you tell the difference?
You can't prove the English one wasn't created with the window technique; you
just have to allow different window sizes and accept an improbable (but possible)
set of choices for window positions.
You similarly cannot prove the random one has no meaning....
P.S.   The bug I found was introduced for the last experiment only.  Apologies again.
P.P.S   I think it is vital to bear in mind at all times that over 6000 of the 8700 VMs
words occur only once in the whole manuscript.