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Re: VMs: provable?

On Wednesday 29 September 2004 17:02, Brian Tawney wrote:
> Voynich Manuscript: 8453 distinct words, of which 71% occur only once
> Talmud (no vowels): 18801 distinct words, of which 61% occur only once
> Vulgate Bible: 41849 distinct words, of which 47.52% occur only once
> Qur'an (no vowels): 14769 distinct words, of which 58.28% occur only once
> The VM is slightly high in terms of unique words...but not really so
> extraordinarily high, especially when compared to inflected/affixal
> languages.

And also we should remember that the log for the frequency (and log(rank)) is 
what Zipf's law deals with. The differences become even smaller.


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