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VMs: Looking into the Fincher window

Hi all,

I finally had a chance to look into the number crunching the computer did over the last few days.

In a nutshell, I've begun to get somewhat sceptical about the Fincher windows.

I started from the assumption that, if Marke's idea was right, there should be a comparatively limited number of building blocks, making up the master sequences. Substrings of those blocks would be copied in batches and should be distinct by the fact that most of the time every substring would be followed by one particular letter, namely the one following it in the master table. (It would only be followed by a different letter, if a batch border happened to fall on this position.)

I checked the VM transcripts comparing all subsequences of 8, 11 and 12 letters length.

Surprisingly, I found that there were no "very common" substrings. For 8 letters, the most common sequence "edy.qoke" occured less than 500 times, for 12 letters, the most frequent block scored only 164 occurences.

Also, the probability of the follow-up letter wasn't as pronounced as I had hoped. Even for the most frequent sequences (presumably those at the heart of the master table), the most probable follow-up letter only scored probabilities of 30% or 40% in many cases; little more than guessing probability.

So, I'm losing faith in Marke's theory a little. OTOH, I also don't fully trust my programs (it's a lot of number crunching). I hope I can devote some time in the future to have a more thorough look at my code. If somebody's interested in code or results in detail, I'll happily mail the stuff to them. (It's several MB of result files though.)



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