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Re: VMs: Something for the list to check out.

Hi Erni,
your idea about the connection of VMS with the Divine Comedy sounds 
interesting. That's all I can say about it by now, I haven't read the 
DC yet. :-( However, Luis has already expressed my general feelings 
quite well:

> It would be very helpful if you could condense in a few bullet 
> what you consider is the strongest, most convincing evidence in 
> of your position - this could provide a good starting point for
> discussion.

For an uninitiated reader it is hard to resolve which of your many 
observations and assignments you are consider convincing and which 
are just interpolations you have made to fill in the gaps in the 
match... And be sure people will tend to pick up the less convincing 
points and say hmm, this and this point is nonsense > (extrapolation) 
> the whole theory is nonsense.

Making a few points that you consider really convincing can become a 
basis for serious discussion about specific topics and not just 
general thoughts and feelings.

I wish you a lot of success.

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