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Re: VMs: Let's get back to the Voynich Ms. [Re: A COUNTERINTELLIGENCE READER]

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Wdimitr@xxxxxxx wrote:
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<< I'm not happy to see things like this
 posting, or more general explorations of topics that are
 peripherally related to the manuscript. >>

Hey -- if it weren't for the lateral thinkers, then this project wouldn't stand a chance.

I didn't get my copy of the response I sent, so I'll try again. I apologize if this is a re-run.

It's quite possible that lateral thinking is required for success
in the attack on the VMs, but many subjects apparently have no
bearing on that attack.  For example, I'm willing to accept that
the probability is very low that a detailed study of the Mars lander
program, Aphra Behn's novels, or Napoleon's conduct of the Waterloo
campaign will lead to success in the study of the Voynich Ms.
Similarly, a study of counterintelligence in the US, while interesting
in its own right, has no bearing that I can see on the study of the
Voynich.  I can see providing a pointer to a declassified copy of the
as-yet-classified parts of Military Cryptanalytics Part III (Lambros
Callimahos), since there's still some possibility that cryptography
plays a role in the Voynich and new information about cryptanalysis
might help.

This is independent of the fact that I'm personally glad to have learned
of the existence of this document.  On my trip to DC last week I spent
three or four hours in the Spy Museum, and was interested in the sketchy
information they had on the Ames case.  I'm glad to see the more detailed
account in the document you pointed to, and I'll be looking over more of
the report at my leisure.

Cheers -
	Jim Gillogly
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