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VMs: What fascinates you/ drew you to the VMS ?

Hello everyone,

Recently I joined the Voynich MS list after learning
about the manuscript on the Internet.  I learned about
the Voynich MS through a web site that had samples of
alphabets from different languages.  I have a general
interest in languages having studied Spanish, French,
and Italian in college.  I really love learning about
languages.  Unfortunately, my ability for language
does not match my passion.

The first time I ran across a reference to the VMS, I
did not investigate further.  Not until I ran across
the VMS lecture by Terrence McKenna did I begin to
explore the history of the book (coincidentally, is
anyone else here because of the McKenna connection?). 
I was just wondering how people on this list found out
about the Voynich manuscript.  Also, what keeps you
interested?  This post is not as sophisticated
(obviously) as the other posts I've read on the list,
but I hope I have some of your feedback.  

- Ronald Lorenzo


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