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Re: OT, was Ptolemy in Re: VMs: Traditional Astrology and the Flat Earth

Hi, Elmar

Calculating the difference in the heavens in a
different time and location is the essence
constructing a horoscope.  Ptolemy knew that the sun
set at different times for different longitudes
(distances east and west).  In fact, I believe he
invented the system of longitude and latitude, without
which we cannot constuct a consistent horoscope chart
or find the ascendant (horizon).  Or do much
navigating.  Or nowadays, timekeeping (we used to keep
time by the Sun or the stars, which is actually more

Isn't it amazing how much ancient people knew? 
Obviously, there was room for improvement. 
Geocentrism predominated for as long as it did not
because of deficiencies of astronomy, but pretty much
because the known laws of physics at that time could
not account for how, if the earth was moving, an
object could be dropped and land directly beneath the
spot where it had been dropped.

One of the reasons I enjoy practicing astrology is
that it helps me appreciate how people used to think. 
I think Glenn mentioned how he likes to think like
people used to, and I agree with him there.

No news of the Monkees?



--- elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Zitat von Pamela Richards <spirlhelix@xxxxxxxxx>:
> > Ptolemy on the Shape of the Earth, from the
> Almagest,
> > Book I, Ch. 4.:
> > 
> > "Now, that also the earth taken as a whole is
> sensibly
> > spherical, we could most likely think out in this
> way.
> >  For again it is possible to see that the sun and
> moon
> > and the other stars do not rise and set at the
> same
> > time for every observer on the earth, but always
> > earlier for those living towards the orient and
> later
> > for those living towards the occident...And since
> the
> > differences in the hours is found to be
> proportional
> > to the distances between the places, one would
> > reasonably suppose the surface of the earth
> > spherical...
> That is pretty cool. How on Earth did he measure
> that...?
>    Elmar, seriously stumped
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