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Re: OT, was Ptolemy in Re: VMs: Traditional Astrology and the Flat Earth

Zitat von Pamela Richards <spirlhelix@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi, Elmar
> Calculating the difference in the heavens in a
> different time and location is the essence
> constructing a horoscope.  Ptolemy knew that the sun
> set at different times for different longitudes
> (distances east and west). 

And this is exactly my question: How did he measure time with the necessary 
accuracy? Or, which amounts to the same, how did he synchronize events which 
were seperated by a considerable distance? A rough estimate would assume a 
difference of some 15km as the equivalent of 1', the smallest increment he 
would be able to measure.

I'm honestly curious, because having studied physics I appreciate the 
experimental problem...

> No news of the Monkees?

Currently, I favour the Batman hypothesis.

> Warmly,
> Pam



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