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Re: OT, was Ptolemy in Re: VMs: Traditional Astrology and the Flat Earth

hi all (& bye again for a few months ;-/)

ref: how one could measure earth (radius)? knowing the sun takes 24 
hrs to circle it daily?: 
[maybe it's because I live in Colorado high plains here, yet can see 
easily the Rocky Mt. range 15-20 miles away on any clear day, as well 
as fires that occasionally occur on them.]

One 'primative' of many ways would be to simply insert 2 sticks into 
the earth (F_A_R apart)AND note its ~shown shadow angle(s)~ at high 
noon in either place (simultainously) THUS the degree of difference is recorded!

*DONE*, but...

HOW to sychcronize your hour glass )available back then?) or exact 

'Primatively', could be as easy as our South Western indian SMOKE 
SIGNALS... however a few friends (say 10-50?) depending on your 
on this globe) could hold 'semephore? FLAGS' and ALL indicating NOON  
with a raised (flapping) or a pole dropping?) flag..etc.. 
I suppose the 'Chineese' could just line up a whole group of people', 
holding hands and squeezing the hand next in line when the _emperor_
"3,2,1..GO! EVERYBODY SHAKE.HANDS, else be behead'd!!" passing it on 
fire-bucket bregaide style. (smiles) 

Level shadow sticks using either water drops on all sides equally 
- or a simple small bowl of water on/near top for water LEVEL 
would do the trick..(and their length above ground (duh equal size 
with matching depth mark). Anyway stick 'em in the ground equally and 
as FAR apart as you can :-) A semi-circle drawn in the ground (divided 
by 12 parts - or your offical (both matching) carbon copy 
1/2 circle (cut on dotted line / or not) parchmentS 
(with build in hole for stick included no charge !:-)

a compass could help you do/try this in 1 day, but I think THE NORTH 
STAR was around back then too -eh?

Don't have 50+ friends to play with you?? get a wife or mistress 
(assuming sexism was worse back then?) and having BOTH above will 
give you a back-up signal per se (unless THEY catch each other etc..) 
saying "WOMAN your pizza is either too hot or too cold! Tomorrow I 
you to start dinner (or lunch (noon)/whatever) exactly when the sun's 
shadow is at THIS stick pointer) not a minute sooner, NOR a minute 
later, I will be watching!!!" Then, off you go 
solo to prove your experiment :-)

of course MIRRORS (smiles), launched ~flaming arrows~ (cool:-), 
released flights of pigeons?, bongo drummings .. (slowest of the above 
visuals vs sound speed) could also be deployed.

Finally, since you KNOW where you were, and you KNOW where your AT, 
and the TIME is the SAME, you measure the distance BETWEEN the 2 
sticks and ~viola~ you can calculate the radius of this 24 hr. 
rotating globe. :-) *!*

GPS vs GP 8-) (i see, i see! :-)

ref: my re-leaving the list.. being just 1 of 12 (sigh), and others 
not shown the signs of the other 11.. I will go and close up things 
around here for ~winter~. I should be back in Jan or April.. hopefully 
by then you guys & gals should have a handle on the ~folding~ <ES> 
said NO RUSH!, But, the Time is now! (smiles) 
This current astrology/astronomy string makes me grit my teeth so bad 
that it actually hurts...(grRrr).. <ES's> biggest laughing out loud 
too:-0.. was in answer "NO, (HA.HA.HAA!) THOSE ARE _NOT STARS_!, THEY 

so, my ~little guess?~ is you will find the 'vms chars' on the stars 
will NOT 
to heavenly bodies per se, but _Male_ Names (all different too)

Anyway, hope my FIRE/SMOKE transmission analogy didn't offend any 
on the list .. if so, sorry, I apologize, as the 'wifey' here does 
make _excellent pizza_!

Best to all :-)

HOTly (as i'm an ARIES! :-) (#1! of 12) :-O

steve (FOLD your KEY/ The TIME IS NOW!) ekwall :-)
-=ciao=->#< -=oaic=-

 Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 08:33:36 -0700 (PDT)
 From: Pamela Richards <spirlhelix@xxxxxxxxx>
 Reply-To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Subject: Re: OT,
      was Ptolemy in Re: VMs: Traditional Astrology and the Flat Earth
 HI, Elmar
 To think, this question was not rhetorical!  
 I wish I had more concrete information; as far as I
 can tell, Ptolemy made and recorded repeated
 observations in his work on Optics, but I don't know
 if he applied the same methods to this problem, or
 not.  It sounds from what he is saying as though he
 had compared objective measurements over time, but
 whether he recorded or published these or not, I don't
 If I ever find out, I'll get back to you on this.
 --- elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
 > Zitat von Pamela Richards <spirlhelix@xxxxxxxxx>:
 > > Hi, Elmar
 > > 
 > > Calculating the difference in the heavens in a
 > > different time and location is the essence
 > > constructing a horoscope.  Ptolemy knew that the
 > sun
 > > set at different times for different longitudes
 > > (distances east and west). 
 > And this is exactly my question: How did he measure
 > time with the necessary 
 > accuracy? Or, which amounts to the same, how did he
 > synchronize events which 
 > were seperated by a considerable distance? A rough
 > estimate would assume a 
 > difference of some 15km as the equivalent of 1', the
 > smallest increment he 
 > would be able to measure.
 > I'm honestly curious, because having studied physics
 > I appreciate the 
 > experimental problem...
 > > 
 > > No news of the Monkees?
 > Currently, I favour the Batman hypothesis.
 > > 
 > > Warmly,
 > > 
 > > Pam
 > > 
 > Cheers,
 >    Elmar
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