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Re: VMs: Re: [VMS] Goat vs. sheep, Sagittarius

Hi, Rene

I think we can agree that the VMs author apparently
took liberties with the conventional Zodiac.  The
question which we don't seem to find agreement on is
whether this divergence from the norm might have been
deliberate, or whether it may be attributed to simple
carelessness or ignorance.

The "Little Goat", Capella is not a part of the
conventional Zodiac, granted.    Neither is a cat, nor
lovers where the twins need to be, nor a hunter where
a centaur is expected, etc.  But the Little Goat was
by some cultures taken to be a part of a "Hircan"
constellation.  I sent more information about it for
you to look over.

My suggestion is to pursue the idea that the
divergence from the conventional Zodiac may have been
intentional, and will lead us to stars and
constellations we do not ordinarily find within the
Ecliptic--which may in turn suggest the VMs author's
intention and meaning in these illustrations.

Maybe the VMs author knew more than most of us about
astronomy, not less.  Scary, huh?




--- Rene Zandbergen <r_zandbergen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> --- Pamela Richards <spirlhelix@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hi, Rene
> > 
> > You asked about whether the illustrator had
> confused
> > Aries with Capricornus.  This raises as many
> > problems
> > than it sovles, because Capricornus is most often
> > depicted with the back half of a fish.
> My suggestion is only one of several possible
> hypotheses :-)
> However, as regards the goat-fish image, I have
> seen many illustrations of capricornus from the
> time period where the VMs is tentatively placed,
> where it is a plain old four-legged goat-like
> creature.
> Here's a particularly nice example (although I
> cannot
> judge from when it dates):
>  http://seekers.100megs6.com/Capricorn.htm
> It is nice because it also has a bush in front of
> it.
> I find the comparison with especially the first
> (dark) Aries in the VMs quite striking.
> > Did you know there was a star in the constellatin
> > Auriga called Capella, which is traditionally
> known
> > as
> > "the Little Goat?".  
> Yes. I don't know from when this name dates,
> and I've never seen it being represented as a
> goat either.
> Rene
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