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VMs: On the VMs zodiac

Hello All,

I've been thinking about the VMs zodiac: there are 12 drawings (Aries and Taurus twice, and Aquarius and Capricorn missing). What if:
- The "Aries" is actually Capricorn, as proposed by Rene Zandbergen
- The "Taurus" is actually Aries
Thus, we are missing Aquarius and Taurus, and the two-fold nature of some signs (Aries and Capricorn are represented twice (black & white), and Libra and Cancer have half of them coloured black (the other crab and the other cup of the scale)) gets an explanation: the equinoxes and the solstices:
- the spring equinox: Aries
- the summer solstice: Cancer
- the autumn equinox: Libra
- the winter solstice: Capricorn

Best regards,

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