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VMs: El Daly on hieroglyphics and Ibn Wahshiyah

Hi everyone
Sorry if this was already known to most of the list members; fully acknowledge that this is not of direct interest in principle for the solution of VMS riddle.

"Western scholars were not the first to decipher the ancient language of the pharaohs, according to a new book that will be published later this year by a UCL researcher.

Dr Okasha El Daly of UCL?s Institute of Archaeology will reveal that Arabic scholars not only took a keen interest in ancient Egypt but also correctly interpreted hieroglyphics in the ninth century AD ? almost 1,000 years earlier than previously thought.

The breakthrough in Dr El Daly?s research came from analysis of the work of Abu Bakr Ahmad Ibn Wahshiyah, a ninth century alchemist. Ibn Wahshiyah?s work on ancient writing systems showed that he was able to correctly decipher many hieroglyphic signs. Being an alchemist not a linguist, his primary interest was to identify the phonetic value and meaning of hieroglyphic signs with the aim of accessing the ancient Egyptian scientific knowledge inscribed in hieroglyphs. "

I was inter alia interested in the fact that according to a French newspaper issued yesterday in Paris and other WWW sources El Daly discovered that Arabs knew that Egyptian hieroglyphics could too represent sounds.







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