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Re: VMs: Giordano Bruno, was Re: Astrology etc.

--- jean-yves artero <jyartero@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Here is an article I found interesting about the
> three: Kepker, Brahe, Bruno.
> http://www.rit.edu/~flwstv/bruno.html
> IMO it states i.a. that from a scientific point of
> view, there are connections between their works.
> Which is not a scoop. More interesting is to try and
> prove that they were physically linked, 

Kepler and Bruno had a common friend in
Wacker von Wackenfels, yet another interesting
character :-)
Kepler did not approve at all of Bruno's theory
about millions of suns, and also Wacker was 
quick to turn away from Bruno's ideas after having
witnessed Brunos death in person.

> I have a French book about Rudolf, sorry for the
> title, it s "The emperor of alchemists" (smile,
> Pam). It s say a biographical essay, which was too
> made available in German.
> The author is Jacqueline Dauxois. 

It's a nice book for people interested in the time
period (likely to be true for many on this list),
but it is hard to disitinguish between the many
factual material it contains, and the fiction (it is
a novel after all). The gruesome episode about 
Rudolf's son is unfortunately almost literally

> "Two years before being burnt, Bruno crosses the
> Charles bridge" (in Prague). Bruno died in 1600. We
> then are here in 1598 or so.
> There seems to be a doubt between the two 
> statements
> I just mentionned. Which one is the more accurate?
> Was Bruno arrested in 1592? Then released? Here I 
> am at the moment. Comments welcome.

I've read that Bruno did not come back to Prague
after he left in 1588, so I also cannot explain it.

Cheers, Rene

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