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Re: VMs: Giordano Bruno, was Re: Astrology etc.

Hi Rene,
About Wacker von Wackenfels: He was an ecclesiastical advisor to Rudolf and sometimes is more described as a protector of Johannes Kepler. He was too a friend for him ( and it seems of Giordano Bruno ) of course. I was very much interested in the snowflakes story. I don't know wether JK presented him or not the so-called Strena book at the end. While searching about this, I found that JK wrote a "SF" story: Somnia. This perhaps is too of interest. His mother was jailed for witchcraft and this is seemingly related to the fact that the Somnia Ms was not published before JK's death.
About Giordano Bruno and Jacqueline Dauxois : You are IMHO a bit severe with this book which was translated into German, but also Italian and Polish. I would argue that it s more a biographical essay than a novel. It s not fiction as I read it but I fully admit that it s not an historian s work, from a scholar point of view. One funny thing is that there is no mention in the German edition ( Der Alchimist von Prag, Rudolf II von Habsburg. Eine Biographie, Piper, Munchen, 1999, ISBN 3-492-22764-3 ) of GB in Prague around the year 1598, as I read it. I too admit that I have no further argument at the moment about this. However I found in the web some indications that it was unsual at that time that a prisoner of the Inquisition like Bruno spent so much time before being condemned.
What occured to the Nolan between 1592 or so and 1600? This remains unclear. Why really was he burnt? This is an other question and the answer is not easy. Here is an example:
"In 1591 he accepted an invitation to live in Venice. Here he was arrested by the Inquisition and tried. After he had recanted, Bruno was sent to Rome, in 1592, for another trial. For eight years he was kept imprisoned and interrogated periodically. When, in the end, he refused to recant, he was declared a heretic and burned at the stake.

It is often maintained that Bruno was executed because of his Copernicanism and his belief in the infinity of inhabited worlds. In fact, we do not know the exact grounds on which he was declared a heretic because his file is missing from the records."

Finally I would add for the humoristic touch that  while in jail GB was deprived with any writing material, according to several testimonies, which seems not surprising after all, but reminds me of course of the Roger Bacon "file" (for instance, I would conclude).



Rene Zandbergen <r_zandbergen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

--- jean-yves artero wrote:

> Here is an article I found interesting about the
> three: Kepker, Brahe, Bruno.
> http://www.rit.edu/~flwstv/bruno.html
> IMO it states i.a. that from a scientific point of
> view, there are connections between their works.
> Which is not a scoop. More interesting is to try and
> prove that they were physically linked,

Kepler and Bruno had a common friend in
Wacker von Wackenfels, yet another interesting
character :-)
Kepler did not approve at all of Bruno's theory
about millions of suns, and also Wacker was
quick to turn away from Bruno's ideas after having
witnessed Brunos death in person.

> I have a French book about Rudolf, sorry for the
> title, it s "The emperor of alchemists" (smile,
> Pam). It s say a bio! graphical essay, which was too
> made available in German.
> The author is Jacqueline Dauxois.

It's a nice book for people interested in the time
period (likely to be true for many on this list),
but it is hard to disitinguish between the many
factual material it contains, and the fiction (it is
a novel after all). The gruesome episode about
Rudolf's son is unfortunately almost literally

> "Two years before being burnt, Bruno crosses the
> Charles bridge" (in Prague). Bruno died in 1600. We
> then are here in 1598 or so.
> There seems to be a doubt between the two
> statements
> I just mentionned. Which one is the more accurate?
> Was Bruno arrested in 1592? Then released? Here I
> am at the moment. Comments welcome.

I've read that Bruno did not come back to Prague
after he left in 1588, so I also cannot explain it.

Cheers, Rene

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