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Re: VMs: Jung and Modern/Traditional Astrology?

Zitat von GC <gc-@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> ... (has anybody noticed that the first and second
> definitions of the word "peruse" as displayed in Mirriam Webster are
> entirely contradictory?)

It tends to get "overlooked", I guess, which has the same confusing 
connotations at M-Ws...

Reminds me of a usenet post years ago:

"... P.S.: I just used the word 'facetious' to see if my spellchecker would 
find it.

P.P.S.: It did find 'facetious', but it didn't find 'spellchecker'. That much 
for artificial intelligence..."

Tallyho, enough of the darn off-topic ramblings, back to the Monkees,


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