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Re: VMs: Work about VMs

Francisco A. Violat Bordonau wrote:

Hi all!

Finally you can download  (in PDF format) and read my simple (only 18
pages) and easy work about the Manuscript.

A link to a URL might be helpful. ;-)


Well, with this ‘artifact’ (image in pag. 15 of my work) I (or we) can
write -or to repeat- ALL the words writed in the folio f67r1, and ALL
the text from f1r to f8v (match: 95-100%) or some other folio taken at
random in the VMs... Naturally the match in this case is now LESSER
because I have worked ONLY with 1 external disk, 1 central disk and 1
internal disk: I need 3 or 4 external, 2 or 3 middle and 1-2 internal
disks for to repeat ALL the voynichese words only ‘spinig’ the disks.

I have not yet read your paper, and I wonder: How do you explain the highly uneven word distribution in the VM?

At least in the most simple case of just picking the words from the disk after setting the rings randomly, you would expect all the prefixes to have the same frequencies. But this is not what we observe.


Elmar, who wishes one could make a living out of being a sceptic

Elmar Vogt / Königswarterstr. 18 / 90762 Fürth / GERMANY
elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx / www.beamends.de / Tel.: (++49/0)911 - 31 52 58

"You have no right to an uninformed opinion." (Steve Dutch)

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