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VMs: Work about VMs

Hi all!

Finally you can download  (in PDF format) and read my simple (only 18
pages) and easy work about the Manuscript.

In this work I present an ?analogic device?, inspired in the book ?Ars
Magna et ultima? and some medieval manuscripts, medieval astronomical
tables or arabic Spanish astrolabes... you can see this manuscripts and
to compare with my device, or included with the folio f67r1.

After the study of the ?astronomical? folio f67r1 I have build a ?3
circles device? with hard paper: the external disk (radius: 18-cm) with
roots (prefix words) like qo-, chop-, kor-, chol-, qot-...; the central
disk with middle ?midfix? particles (radius: 16-cm) with words like
-dar-, -ee-, -dal-, -di-, -che- ... and finally the internal disk
(radius: only 14-cm) with final ?suffix? particles like -ds, -y, -ey,
-ar, -ir...

Well, with this ?artifact? (image in pag. 15 of my work) I (or we) can
write -or to repeat- ALL the words writed in the folio f67r1, and ALL
the text from f1r to f8v (match: 95-100%) or some other folio taken at
random in the VMs... Naturally the match in this case is now LESSER
because I have worked ONLY with 1 external disk, 1 central disk and 1
internal disk: I need 3 or 4 external, 2 or 3 middle and 1-2 internal
disks for to repeat ALL the voynichese words only ?spinig? the disks.

In my modest opinion this ?gadget? is superior, easy and most fast than
Cardano?s method proposed by Dr. Rugg in the last number of
?Cryptologia? or ?Scientific American?.

A greeting,

Francisco Violat Bordonau
Caceres Astronomical Observatory
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