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VMs: Re: Work about VMs

Francisco , Just finished trying to read your pdf paper. Trying I say because I never learned Spanish. However knowing French, English and a bit of Italian I think I managed to get the idea.

Since the idea of pre- mid- and postfixes was known, just like combining them randomly in some way, I get the purpose of your paper is to propose the VMs was constructed using three concentric disks.

First of all, as you state yourself, this does not mean the VMs is a hoax. On the contrary, it shows an easy way to encode text: E.g. each original letter(combination) could be translated into degrees to turn a disk, coding three letters at a time to form an imaginary word.

However, the number of combinations on each disk leads to the suspicion this can be done for any - not even encoded - language in the same way.

Just a simple example: Using just two disks, 21 positions on the inner circle and 35 on the outer, all chinese syllables can be constructed (21 initials and 35 endings) most of which are actually existing words as far as I know.

Your proposed numbers of positions on the three disks (120, 100 and 90) lead to over one million combinations. Far more than the known Voynichese words, let alone those on page 67r. And you even propose to add more disks....

Now I would not be at all amazed if the majority of the hundreds of thousands of English words could be represented by four (if not three) similar disks. Ok, I can easily say that whithout actually doing it, but I just want to get across my impression that your disks do not show anything essential about Voynichese.

Again, my apologies if I did get your ideas wrong through my inadequate Spanish. Please correct me then in English. I do hope an English translation will become available, since it looks like a very thorough treatment of the manuscript.


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