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VMs: Blueberries?

On seeing f94r I at once thought to recognize the bluerries I used to pick when I was still young (sigh...). See a photo of wild blueberries here: http://www.nsac.ns.ca/envsci/research/blueberry/images/PhotoAlbum/images/wild%20blueberries.jpg

Checking whether this was remarked before I found no reference. On http://members.efortress.com/wilsonk/vmspictures.html it says:
Comments: Botrychium lunaria is a reasonable match for this plant with its trophophore lamina leaf-like opposing appendages. (D.Scott)

Now I am no biologist and know nothing about plants. Agreed the leaves are different, and they are positioned differently, but the long curving stems with equally positioned leaves and the bunch of berries very much looking the same, I cannot help thinking they are blueberries.

Afterall, the leaves could have been drawn from memory and there may have been other variaties 500 years ago.


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