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Re: Re: VMs: Epibrating Cerebrating

Hello Dennis, 
=======  You wrote:  
>    However, I meant to ask the general, philosophical question: - how 
>does one prove a negative? 
>If anyone could discuss this further, I would appreciate it! 

Well, it may have  something to do with Popper's theory of falsification, nicely defined at 
It shows the kind of problem we are facing.

>    I disagree that a letter to Sci Am would be a bad idea.  It would 
>alert people that there is another valid point of view,
>if it were well-written and it dramatized our points.  

True, but general  public does not read Sci Am, but may now, when they are starting to put there more Sci Fi  :-).  
>    I would certainly want to tell the public about the availability of 
>the sid's.  I would point to my resources page for the sid's. 

Very good idea and productive - I found out that when people see the folios, they immediately  have a  feeling there is more there than a plain gibberish. 
>    However, I do think we should avoid a shouting match with Rugg.  
>Some reasoned contradiction that is well dramatized would suffice. 

Definitely. Just to show we are not accepting it without proofs. The public faced with one opinion only get eventually disinterested and that is the last thing  we want. It is like saying that Mona  Lisa is a fake  - people will still go to see it, but Louvre museum will not be too happy when people will stop, look and say: Oh, this is that famous fake . . . 

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