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Re: VMs: Epibrating Cerebrating

jan wrote:

However, I meant to ask the general, philosophical question: - how does one prove a negative? If anyone could discuss this further, I would appreciate it!

Well, it may have something to do with Popper's theory of falsification, nicely defined at http://www.eeng.dcu.ie/%7Etkpw/

It shows the kind of problem we are facing.

Yes, something is a scientific hypothesis only if it is falsifiable. Do you know any more specifics?

You can falsify the statement "The VMs is a hoax" if you can find a meaningful solution, but is there any other way?

You could use Rugg's method to produce text with the properties of English. That certainly doesn't prove that the English language is gibberish! That would be a sort of reduction to absurdity of Rugg's method.


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