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Re: Re: VMs: form Jeff

 Pls note: Jeff asked me to forward this message to VM-list,

As I am currently not posting directly to the list I thought I'd send this

As to the handwriting style analysis by the curator of the Strahov library.
I agree 100% that
a style of writing can be pinned down to a time period. Well done Rene. We
cannot simply
discount this. It may not fit in with our theories but we have to take it
seriously. Timescales
can however overlap as to writing styles so we must also be careful not to
let it become a
straight jacket. I have now been doing handwriting analysis on the VMS and
have noted
styles of writing that persist across not only regions but across centuries.
I have been
attempting to identify the author by using this analysis. However features
of this writing
style can be found at various times and many locations. People, especially
the nobility
and scholars travelled widely. They stayed in foreign countries, spoke
multiple languages
and absorbed customs.

Some styles persist whilst others seem to mutate fairly easily. It will only
be through a
thorough examination of a variety of documents from different times and
regions that
definitive evidence will emerge.

BTW This timescale as well as the recent cipher ms finds all fit in very
well with Glen
Clastons assumptions so don't write Glenn off yet. None of us here knows for
that we are even 25% right.


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