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Re: VMs: [VMS] Goat vs. sheep, Sagittarius

elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Zitat von Jorge Stolfi <stolfi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
No dispute about them being goats. But, as Pam observed in a later
message, that is only one of the oddities in the VMS zodiac

If the VM is a hoax, the author might have deliberately added this "exotic touch" to an otherwise boring and all-too familiar zodiac?

Now this is something I was just thinking about!

I just finished Kennedy and Churchill's book. I thought it was good, better than I expected, and it gave me quite a bit of food for thought. Right now I have been thinking about migrainous imagery in the VMs and will post more on it soon.

Kennedy says he thinks the VMs is a hoax.

He and Churchill both emphasize, though, as many have, the complete stangeness of the VMs, it unlikeness to anything else, and its sense of total alienness. I think this is a good argument against the hoax hypothesis.

A genuine hoaxer would want to produce something of immediate interest, something that looks like the product of a famous person and/or on a well-known topic of great interest. Think of Hitler's diaries, some phony Lost Gospels of Jesus, Piltdown Man, or even the Donation of Constantine. But who even knows what the VMs is about? If it is a hoax, what of?

I can see, though, that this could also be an argument in *favor* of the hoax hypothesis. To make the VMs so unfamiliar makes it that much more difficult to falsify.

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