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Re: VMs: Gordon Rugg's study follow ups

2/12/2004 1:37:12 AM, Dennis <tsalagi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>	There is the chi-squared test, of course.  Jacques has 
>mentioned the phi-squared test

Phi, not phi-squared, and "statistics", not "test",
since it is a measurement. Phi is just sqrt(chi2/N)

> from time to time and said 
>that phi-squared tests not just the significance of an 
>observed difference between two sample data sets but also 
>the magnitude of the difference.  That sounds like the best 
>thing of all.

Here we are rather after the certainty that there is
a significant difference, so I'd favour chi2 in this
particular case. I suspect that, run on the KJV against,
say, Shakespeare's plays, it might, just might, find
a significant difference, because of all those "and"
in the KJV, which are literal translations of the 
vav-consecutive construction of Hebrew.

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