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Re: VMs: Gordon Rugg's study follow ups

Jacques Guy wrote:

There is the chi-squared test, of course. Jacques has mentioned the phi-squared test

Phi, not phi-squared, and "statistics", not "test", since it is a measurement. Phi is just sqrt(chi2/N)

Is it indeed true that phi is a measure of the magnitude of an observed difference, in a way that chi2 is not?

Here we are rather after the certainty that there is
a significant difference, so I'd favour chi2 in this
particular case. I suspect that, run on the KJV against,
say, Shakespeare's plays, it might, just might, find
a significant difference, because of all those "and"
in the KJV, which are literal translations of the vav-consecutive construction of Hebrew.

I wonder what chi2 you would see between two texts in the same language by the same author but about different subjects. As I recall, the stylometric methods used in the New Testament and Book of Mormon studies I mentioned compared the frequencies of common words like "the", "and", "where", "before", and the like. If so, these methods might well show the same chi2 for the two texts. You should certainly do that as a control if you were to make use of those methods on the VMs.


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