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Re: VMs: VMS lines - a Cardan grille aside

Hello   Knox,

I agree with graphoilogis - it is  not the the sag was intentional, but nevertheless prevets using some graphic grill to be used for reading.

By the way, I  have found the real letter from Cardan, describing his grill, from
I quote:

Cardan?s screen
   The other type of cipher system invented by Cardan, which bears his name to this day, uses the so-called Cardan grid (screen). The encryption grid is a matrix of letters. For illustration, let us cite Cardan?s own words.
   ?Take two sheets of parchment of the same size, ruled for writing, and on the lines of both make slits at various places. These slits are to be small, but of proper size for the size or height of letters of the alphabet. Some of the slits will hold seven, some three, some eight or ten letters, so that all the slits together will hold 120 letters, counting all the letters which can be inserted in them. One of these sheets of parchment you will give to yourcorrespondent. When occasion arises, first write your message as briefly as possible, in such a way that the message may consist of a smaller number of letters tha the slits will hold. Then write your message on a sheet of parchment placed beneath the slits, and again on a second sheet, and on still a third. Then fill the spaces of the first sheet by completing sentences may appear coherent. Arrange it again on the third sheet of parchment in such a way that, without disturbing the original letters, the entire sense and t!
he number and size of the words may hang together and retain a harmony of style. When this is completed, lay the sheet containing the slits to mark the limits of the letters which you wish to insert. Then take the third sheet of parchment / i.e., the final draft of the three which have been made / and copy the message from it with the words in regular order and with a proper arrangement of spaces and size of the letters, so that the original / i.e., the secret / message and it its words may be contained within the limits marked by the dots. No suspicion of any deception will now remain. Your correspondent, when he receives your communication, places his slitted sheet of parchment over it and reads what you wish to convey. Although this method entails no slight labor, none equally good can be devised for conveying information to friends in dangerous times.?

I guess that now  we know.


=======  You wrote:  
>jan wrote:
>> Yes, it does, but it is not the case of the VM  - the lines are sagging towards right so direct use of 
>> the grill is out of question and the disadvantage of geometrical irregularities can be easily  
>> overcome by writing draft first and rewriting it the way we see it in the VM. 
>They sag in the extant copy if it is a copy and might not have been 
>horizontal or evenly spaced in the original. My working hypothesis is 
>that it is of no consequence. A graphologist would say the scribe was a 
>pessimist or was depressed.
>Regards ......... Knox
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