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Re: Re: Re: VMs: Cardan grille

Hi everyone,

ISTM that the most likely theoretical flaw in matching the Rugg table/grille method to Voynichese arises from the Currier A / B languages - or rather, not so much those pages written in perfect A-ese and B-ese (which Gordon Rugg would likely claim as indicating two distinct tables) but the troublesome inbetween VMs pages, which demonstrate features of both A & B (etc). That is, his table-and-grille hypothesis would work if Voynichese were made up of a set of structurally distinct dialects, but AFAIK that's not how the VMs' text actually works. The last word has yet to be said on this particular phenomenon, though... oh well. :-(

FWIW, I completely disagree with Gordon's pseudo-cryptanalytical methodology - he has ascertained somehow [perhaps, like Philip K. Dick, from "a beam of pink light from a necklace", who knows?] that the VMs' encoders were so extraordinarily clever that it makes no sense to look for encoding artefacts. Apparently, being able to replicate Voynichese-like text (much as "The Sims" replicates suburban-like behaviour) is sufficient proof of the possibility of a table/grille production line for the VMs. What nonsense! As I've said to him many times, looking to understand the VMs' "language" via a strategy of reconstruction is a good idea: but one which has its own logic and conclusions, which have yet to be followed and reached (respectively). Simply lurching to a pre-decided conclusion does nobody any favours... oh well. :-((

Really, I think Wired has covered the wrong story here: the VMs list is a prime example of a collaborative electronic community [just the kind of thing it loves], doing a fine sustained job of achieving the impossible - of reading the unreadable. Oh well... :-(((

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: how would you like your Cardan grilled, sir? :-)

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