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Re: Re: Re: VMs: Cardan grille

It seems to me that the discussion of grills here goes to demonstrate that
it is exceedingly unlikely that a Cardan Grill was used in the standard
way to encode the VMs.  It's possible that a grill (or something
functionally equivalent) was used in a Ruggian (or Fincherian) fashion to
select text from a carefully aligned table, in order to enter it into the
manuscript, producing either structured "random" text or an actual

In either case I think it should be possible to deduce the process for
creation, though so far no one has managed to do so.  I think it is
adequately clear that the process was something far more structured than
simple mental selection of a "random" character to write, but anyone who
claims that a particular kind of process was involved has to come up with
a working demonstration of the process to prove the case.  Not something
that generates results reminiscent of the VMs, but something that
generates exactly the VMs, or some reasonable portion of it.

If the hypothesis is that the text is gibberish, then the process can be
allowed a random component, but a particular process should have to be
demonstrated, e.g., by a specific, but abitrary series of movements with a
particular Rugg Grill on a particular source table generate the first page
of the VMs.

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