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Re: VMs: obfuscation

Marke Fincher wrote:

Has it have been suggested here before that certain words in the VMs vocabulary only exist as deliberate alterations
of another word; intended to further obscure the meaning
or the construction method ?

Or from spelling variations from a lax orthography, such as English and most European languages other than Latin had before printing.

...and that these "altered" words therefore occur in similar contexts to the word they are derived from, because
they are basically the same word.

What about the strings of the same word repeated? (Just how common are these, anyway? Rugg says they are very common in the VMs, but I don't think that's correct.)

...and that consequently the actual VMs vocabulary maybe much smaller than the apparent 7000->9000.

...and how the curious lack of repeated phrases is replaced
by an abundance when you take into account these simple word mutations.

If so, it must work both ways, to produce the strings of the same apparent word. Are those then actually phrases composed of different words that superficially look alike?


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