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RE: VMs: obfuscation

Dennis says:
> What about the strings of the same word repeated?
> (Just how common are these, anyway?  Rugg says they are very common in the
> VMs, but I don't think that's correct.)

By my calculations there are 300 doubled words (exact matching).
But there are about 1900 word-pairs where the two words differ by
a single EVA char (772 additions, 562 removals and 534 substitutions).
If we are willing to consider the idea that in writing out the VMs text
some characters were deliberately changed (for whatever reason) then
perhaps many of these similar wordpairs should be taken into account

> Are those then actually phrases composed of different words that
> superficially look alike?

It's certainly possible.  But consider the two phrases below:

chedy.qoteey.oteedy.lkedy.shedy. qokal.

it could be coincidence that qoteey and qokeey are so similar,
and oteedy <-> okeedy, and lkedy <-> lkeey and shedy <-> dsheey,
but also that they occur in the same relative positions?


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