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Re: VMs: "The VMs Research Foundation"...?

Nick Pelling wrote:

Each sub-project would probably involve a separate post-grad student, over a relatively short time-scale: I don't see every aspect being tackled in a month (or even a year, or perhaps ever). Low-hanging (and cheapest) fruit first. :-)

Here's another approach: how about trying to promote the physical examination of the VMS as a thesis topic for some grad student, for example, by putting together a brochure pointing out the interesting features of the manuscript, the fact that little physical analysis has been done thus far, that there is a backlog of unanswered questions which a careful examination might shed light on, and so on. A brief explanation about the VMS group wouild probably be a good idea as well, to explain the rational for sending the brochure.

Such a brochure could be targeted to appropriate academic departments, professional organizations, etc.


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