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Re: VMs: "The VMs Research Foundation"...?

Nick Pelling wrote:

I've been giving some thought to forming a charitable organisation whose central aim is to improve our understanding of the VMs by sponsoring targeted research and publishing the results openly.

Do you mean a nonprofit organization to collect funds and support for the work you mention? It sounds like a good idea! Yahoo's category has a lot of stuff on this:


This looks interesting:

Action without Borders

In addition, the charity might also sensibly back a VMs conference, to be held (say) either at the Beinecke (the VMs' physical home) or at the Warburg Institute (probably the VMs' spiritual home).

Dumb question: why is the Warburg Institute the VMs' spiritual home?

Does anyone here with experience of forming or running a charity have any helpful suggestions? For example, are there particular advantages over forming it in the US, in England, or elsewhere?

The USA has a long tradition of nonprofit and volunteer organizations. That surely is an advantage.

In French it is "une association a` but non lucratif" or "une association sans but lucratif". Jacques noted that it's easy to set one up in France. I didn't know before that there is a French Wikipedia:


A working title for the charity could simply be "The Voynich Manuscript Research Foundation", a kind of 'virtual research institution'. Comments?

Sounds good.

It's worth noting that Dr. Mark Stamp at San Jose' State University did have one of his grad students transcribe the whole of James Hampton's diary, just on the strength of my web site. He is a professor of computer science. That shows that a lot of disciplines could take an interest. It also shows that there are indeed people who would be interested in the kind of work you propose.


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