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Re: VMs: Re: British Library

Hi everyone,

At 01:01 14/12/2004 -0700, Don Latham wrote:
Using this msg to propose that funding for a physical examination and more might come from Discovery Channel. These folks have gone lately into a bunch of Egyptian exploration and other gee whiz stuff. The VMS might be up their alley. I have no idea how to engage their interest. The B Lib might get some $ as well as some US national TV recognition as well. What do you all think, and if the reaction is positive, anyone know where to start?

The problem is that when documentaries haven't got much of a story to tell (think of science documentaries before they started using computer graphics eye candy), they can be very boring. Also, documentary viewers typically want to learn something tangible and provocative about a subject - to instead learn that no-one really knows what the VMs is, would probably be a bit of a turn-off.

That is to say, we've got the "Gee" bit covered, but we're a bit short on the "Whiz". :-o

Cheers, ....Nick Pelling....

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