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Re: VMs: Re: British Library [re-sent, sorry!]

Nick Pelling wrote:

FWIW, I can weave a good yarn about what the VMs probably is, and that in itself should make a good documentary (though admittedly one closer to 3 hours than to 1): but as it remains based on an art history proof (and not a cryptological "smoking gun" proof), I continue to try to make it more solid. Hopefully one day soon I'll get there... fingers crossed! :-)

I'd like to hear it anyway, Nick!

Of course, if we just want "Whiz", we could always use the old theme of the Secret of Eternal Life, per Toresella, et multa al. We don't lack for "Whiz" if we encourage speculation. (Though we really don't want to encourage more of that, it comes out of the woodwork anyway.)

Not so seriously,
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