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Re: VMs: Re: British Library [re-sent, sorry!]

Hi Dennis,

At 22:33 14/12/2004 -0600, Dennis wrote:
I wrote:
FWIW, I can weave a good yarn about what the VMs probably is, and that in itself should make a good documentary (though admittedly one closer to 3 hours than to 1): but as it remains based on an art history proof (and not a cryptological "smoking gun" proof), I continue to try to make it more solid. Hopefully one day soon I'll get there... fingers crossed! :-)

I'd like to hear it anyway, Nick!

Sadly, these tiny electronic margins are far too narrow to contain it all: but I'll keep you posted as to my progress anyway. :-)

Of course, if we just want "Whiz", we could always use the old theme of the Secret of Eternal Life, per Toresella, et multa al. We don't lack for "Whiz" if we encourage speculation. (Though we really don't want to encourage more of that, it comes out of the woodwork anyway.)

In this spirit of "less Gee, more Whiz", you might appreciate this fragment of script I found in a long-forgotten London wine-bar. It suggests that, surely not far in the future, we may be in for an stimulating (if perhaps less than rigorous) documentary treat[ment]:-

* * * * * * * * *

<ominous low sustained strings, slow shot tracking through an ancient Indian temple, intercut with close-ups of suggestively posed female carvings >

<serious voice-over>
        INH ["Insert Name Here"] has been researching the mysterious
        Wojnicz Manuscript for over 50 years: his shocking conclusions, though
        not yet accepted by mainstream academics - or even his wife - could
        soon rock the cosy world of historical fact to the core.

[Close-up of INH wearing a pair of DataGloves and goggles, manipulating a virtual holographic image of a animated sequence of VMs nymphs, apparently disco-dancing.]

My theory that a mysterious alien civilisation has embedded a message
in this document - to teach us how to dance! For example, f72r2 is clearly
a conga line, whereas f72v2 is the lambada!

[Fast-cut sequence of flashing neon lights and gyrating strippers. Music changes to salsa]

To support his theory, INH has travelled to strip-clubs across the world,
taking tens of thousands of photos of exotic dancers, all of which he has
made freely available to his fellow researchers via his website.

Unfortunately, it seems that my extensive photo library has been pirated
by the so-called "Internet pr0n industry": but it was all in the name of good
science, I assure you!

* * * * * * * * *

Sadly, this was as much as our unnamed documentary-makers were able to fit on a napkin. Hopefully they were able to remember it when they sobered up after lunch. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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