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Re: VMs: Re: British Library [re-sent, sorry!]

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From: "Nick Pelling" <nickpelling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2004 3:45 AM
Subject: Re: VMs: Re: British Library [re-sent, sorry!]

> Hi Dennis,
> At 22:33 14/12/2004 -0600, Dennis wrote:
> >I wrote:
> >>FWIW, I can weave a good yarn about what the VMs probably is, and that
> >>itself should make a good documentary (though admittedly one closer to 3
> >>hours than to 1): but as it remains based on an art history proof (and
> >>not a cryptological "smoking gun" proof), I continue to try to make it
> >>more solid. Hopefully one day soon I'll get there... fingers crossed!
> >
> >         I'd like to hear it anyway, Nick!
> Sadly, these tiny electronic margins are far too narrow to contain it all:
> but I'll keep you posted as to my progress anyway. :-)
> >         Of course, if we just want "Whiz", we could always use the old
> > theme of the Secret of Eternal Life, per Toresella, et multa al.  We
> > don't lack for  "Whiz" if we encourage speculation.  (Though we really
> > don't want to encourage more of that, it comes out of the woodwork
> In this spirit of "less Gee, more Whiz", you might appreciate this
> of script I found in a long-forgotten London wine-bar. It suggests that,
> surely not far in the future, we may be in for an stimulating (if perhaps
> less than rigorous) documentary treat[ment]:-
>                                  * * * * * * * * *
> <ominous low sustained strings, slow shot tracking through an ancient
> Indian temple, intercut with close-ups of suggestively posed female
carvings >
> <serious voice-over>
>          INH ["Insert Name Here"] has been researching the mysterious
>          Wojnicz Manuscript for over 50 years: his shocking conclusions,
>          not yet accepted by mainstream academics - or even his wife -
>          soon rock the cosy world of historical fact to the core.
> [Close-up of INH wearing a pair of DataGloves and goggles, manipulating a
> virtual holographic image of a animated sequence of VMs nymphs, apparently
> disco-dancing.]
> INH:
>          My theory that a mysterious alien civilisation has embedded a
>          in this document - to teach us how to dance! For example, f72r2
> clearly
>          a conga line, whereas f72v2 is the lambada!
> [Fast-cut sequence of flashing neon lights and gyrating strippers. Music
> changes to salsa]
> <voice-over>
>          To support his theory, INH has travelled to strip-clubs across
> world,
>          taking tens of thousands of photos of exotic dancers, all of
> he has
>          made freely available to his fellow researchers via his website.
> INH:
>          Unfortunately, it seems that my extensive photo library has been
> pirated
>          by the so-called "Internet pr0n industry": but it was all in the
> name of good
>          science, I assure you!
>                                  * * * * * * * * *
> Sadly, this was as much as our unnamed documentary-makers were able to fit
> on a napkin. Hopefully they were able to remember it when they sobered up
> after lunch. :-)
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....
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