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Re: VMs: Re: British Library

--- Don Latham <djl@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Using this msg to propose that funding for a
> physical examination and more might come from
> Discovery Channel. These folks have gone lately into
> a bunch of Egyptian exploration and other gee whiz
> stuff. The VMS might be up their alley. I have no
> idea how to engage their interest. The B Lib might
> get some $ as well as some US national TV
> recognition as well. What do you all think, and if
> the reaction is positive, anyone know where to
> start?

A documentary has been made by the BBC, so the added
value from what you suggest is indeed the chance
to get a physical examination.
The idea is kind of attractive, but it is not at
all clear that the B(einecke) library would like
this kind of attention. The whole Vinland map 
episode is one they will not want to repeat due to
the controversial publicity.
One thing to do would be to suggest it to Discovery
and see what happens.
It might at least help to get the 'Kelly faked it'
as supported by SciAm out of the way.

I also would not think too lightly of the 'art
history' evidence we have so far. While it does
not pinpoint the MS origin precisely, it does
give a rather consistent dating, and it points
out two writing styles in the MS (Italian and
Central European). To me, this is not challenged
by anything of substance.

Cheers, Rene

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