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Re: VMs: Suggestions: VMS Meeting (UK) and VMS Periodical

Hi everyone,

At 20:43 10/12/2004 +0000, Rob Hicks wrote (to a deafening silence):
Is there sufficient interest to make a UK meeting worthwhile? I understand that one was successfully held in Tewkesbury in 1998, and feel that, at the very least, an annual get-together would be useful and fun. I am happy to host such a gathering (if the numbers are modest) at my home in Gloucester, can accommodate, and would like to try to get something arranged for spring 2005.

Sounds good to me: my diary for Spring is... currently blank. :-)

On a similar note, how about an irregular e-periodical? It would be nice if current thought, articles, discussion could be collated in something more permanent than individuals' websites -perhaps a quarterly PDF. Again, if interest is sufficiently strong, I would be more than happy to edit such a periodical and email it to subscribers (no charge, naturally).

I think Jan Hurych's e-periodical is pretty good in that respect: though it's also true that a lot of ongoing research (like page ordering, the zodiac hand, etc) is still fairly fragmentary / incomplete.

I would also note that, unlike (for example) Rene Zandbergen's exceptionally good http://www.voynich.nu/ , few VMs websites could really be classified under the heading of "discussion" (many arguably being closer to "diatribe"). And yes, I'd include my own in that latter category. :-o What discussion we have is largely on-list, yet the problems of threading meaning out of 12+ years of archives are still unresolved. :-(

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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