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Re: Re: VMs: Suggestions: VMS Meeting (UK) and VMS Periodical

Hello Nick and all,  
=======  You wrote:  
>I think Jan Hurych's e-periodical is pretty good in that respect: though 
>it's also true that a lot of ongoing research (like page ordering, the 
>zodiac hand, etc) is still fairly fragmentary / incomplete.

Thanks for mentioning, but the purpose of  the periodical is mainly to inform 
Czech readers. The part in English contains only the sections of some interest 
for international readers -  some of my works and ideas - and yes, it is 
in fragments. You may also find it  opinionated and often disagreeable, but that 
was the intent: to provoke all kind of reactions from the readers. Lately, I 
enclosed in the Discussion part my own letters to this list, mainly since I am a 
senior (going to senile) and may forget what I said yesterday :-). I apologize for  
not quoting the others, but it was not meant to carry out our discussions 
elsewhere,  just to  post my own ideas since I already spent time to write them 
anyway :-).

Generally, I think  Rene's page and this VM List is just enough for current 
members of our conference. What we are  missing is some periodical which 
would summarize the works of the past month, some kind  of  a digest that 
would show our continuous progress - or at least  the points we already 
reached or stopped at. I can see the newcomers facing the archive of this  list 
with desperation: what to read first  - there is so many letters!  

My experience of course is that  it takes a lot of time to write anything of that 
sort (I do  have two more magazines to take care of and it shows). The digest 
may  be handled however simple way by selecting few persons to write the  
very short "monthly summary" letter to this  list - those letters  being called 
SUMMARY so they would be easily spotted in the archive.  Probably one  
person for history, one for language and script, one for cryptography and one 
for the rest.  They would have to mention  only the main points and ideas - at 
the end of letter should be the quotation of interesting links. 

Come to think  of it - is it really worthwhile to do that? We all read everything  
in this  list anyway  - but it would get newcomers pretty quickly in the main 
flow and show the public how far we got so far. Well,  we may not see it, but 
the progress is certainly there.


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